Number of pages we’ll create for you. Don’t worry, upon finishing of website, you can keep adding more pages of content
Responsive design, which means the website is optimized to be able to change to various design
Do you wish us to design a logo?
Up to 250-500 words/page, do you want us to write the content for you?
Do you want to integrate Blog service to your website?
Do you wish to us to purchase any stock image to be used on website? We usually recommend 10 as an initial start
Do you want to sell online?
We can assist you in uploading up to this number of products during the initial launch. After that we provide training so you can upload yourself

Unlimited Website Updates includes: Content updates, Website & Plugin compatibility testing, software updates BUT excluding feature enhancements such as massive design changes, website redesign etc.)

this package includes domain renewal, hosting renewal, monthly back up, performance optimization, server security implementation/ malware monitoring, website & plugin compatibility testing and software update
Total CostBND 

How much do our Websites cost?

“How much does a website cost?” is a question we’re often asked by potential clients. And the unsatisfyingly vague answer we always give is “it depends”.

Without a good understanding of your project, it is very difficult for us to give an accurate price. However, our cost estimator is a great tool for getting a good ballpark idea. It’s a simplified version of the process we complete when we look at costing a website.

If you’d like a more detailed quotation, give us a call and we can talk through your requirements.

I’m Interested but I cant afford to pay all at once, do you offer any payment options

We usually invoice 50% upfront and 50% upon completion of a Web Design project, but we may be able to offer a monthly payment solution, get in touch to discuss.

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